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Roll cooling systems

A properly designed roll cooling system is one of the major criteria for a long pass life and high mill availability.
Improper cooling can cause high cost due to roll damage and quick pass wear. That is why we developed a roll cooling system that boosts the performance of your existing rolls.

Extensive trials have shown that when using the KAFIX COOL roll cooling system, pass life can be increased substantially. Every mill is different and requires specially designed solutions. KAFIX COOL is not just a piece of cooling equipment, but a complete engineering package that also includes an analysis of your existing installation. Our engineers will come to your facility to track all technical details of your mill stands and all necessary data. Based on the collected information, a tailor-made technical solution is prepared and presented to you.

  • increased pass life
  • tailor-made design
  • superior quality
  • all major parts – stainless steel (on request)
  • easy handling and adjusting
  • quick positioning when rolling multi-strand
  • always exact positioning of bottom-roll cooling
  • state-of-the-art technology from KARK