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CBN Cutting tools

KAFIX CBN INSERTS represent a new generation of advanced technology cutting tool materials, developed for users striving for optimised and cost effective production. A range of solid CBN inserts and matching tool holders satisfy almost every machining application request.
Our CBN inserts have been specifically designed for the needs of your roll shop. The increased thickness compared to many other standard inserts, makes them the optimum tool to machine harder materials, including TC- and PM-material roll rings.
KAFIX CBN INSERTS are available in 3 different diameters and the respective tool holders are available in a selection of standard sizes or tailor-made to match your turning lathe requirements.

  • excellent abrasive wear resistance
  • high thermochemical stability during machining
  • solid material ensures high degree of mechanical strength
  • superior cutting tool material with extreme hardness conditions
  • lower machining cost and fewer tool changes
  • significant cost savings compared to carbide or ceramic inserts

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