Cuxhavener Straße 60a    21149 Hamburg

Manufacturing Technology

We are dedicated in solving technical problems quickly and rationally using state-of-the-art technology. Our CNC-controlled 6-axle machining centres, for example, have maximum load capacities of up to 5 tons. Our lathes can handle workpieces with a maximum centre clearance of 3500 mm. These are augmented by drilling and milling centres and universal milling machines, plus the latest generation of welding equipment.

Unusual assignments place unusual demands. We know what to expect and are in a position to respond. Our highly qualified and motivated employees can cope with unforeseen situations and tight production schedules. Even at night and on sundays. So that even “impossible“ deadlines can be met. We are geared to manufacturing one-off products (both simple and highly complex) as well as small batches. In cases where outside suppliers are involved we carry out all the necessary co-ordination – for example, the heat treatment of steel and surface treatment of the finished product (pointing, anodization, powder coating, etc.).

Our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction. That’s why our supporting services continue long after the original order has been completed. For instance, we carry out maintenance and assist in the extension and conversion of existing installations. We also offer our customers inspection services and training courses.