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Design is the interface between theory and practice – the process during which new products take concrete shape. Sophisticated 3D-CAD-CAM technology ensures that design and production activities are interlinked at the highest possible level. Completed 3D-CAD models are directly transferred into CNC programming language. Also, the necessary programming for our CNC coordinate measuring systems is automatically created at the same time.

We are concerned not only with the technically feasible, but also with the economically sensible. Every product and every item of equipment must ultimately produce a good return on investment for the customer. For this reason we define all the relevant cost factors as accurately as possible and examine them in the context of potential benefits. In this way we can come up with solutions that are optimally geared to the needs of our customers.

Decades of experience represent an unrivalled stock of technical know-how. Our aim is to pass on this know-how to the customer. Analysis of the actual problem, together with our extensive experience, provides the basis for comprehensive consulting and concepts which are then realized in co-operation with our customers. KARK offers tailor-made solutions for jigs, moulds, machinery, plants, as well as complex workpieces.